In accordance with the special interest of the Chief Minister of Kerala Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, “Shabda Maram “or the tree of sounds is being established in schools all across Kerala. The project, which can also be called as Radio Tree, is organised for the students to come together and enjoy various radio programmes. They can gather under a tree in the school campus and listen to songs and other radio programmes during their break time. The programmes will be broadcasted through a sound system that is connected to this tree. The tree of sounds enables the students to distance themselves from the tensions of studies for some time and refresh their minds. Apart from that, the enjoyment in groups being close to Mother Nature can strengthen their mental development, social awareness and aesthetic skills. Kerala Media Academy is planning to establish such trees in all the schools of Kerala. The schools that want to avail this facility can email us in the following address:
Email: keralamediaacademy.gov@gmail.com