About Us

Kerala Media Academy was established on March 19th 1979 as Kerala Press Academy. It is a joint venture of the Government of Kerala, Kerala Union of Working Journalists and Indian Newspaper Society. The aim is to promote professionalism and excellence among journalists, which the academy has been doing successfully for the last more than three decades. The Academy has set up a full-fledged institute, published books and monographs, organized seminars/workshops and instituted endowments and awards for promoting excellence.


Radio Kerala, an initiative from Kerala Media Academy, is an online radio which reaches out to all the Malayalis around the globe. It can be heard in at least 180 countries across the world. It is a complete entertainment and news based radio with the students of Kerala Media Academy performing as RJs. They are supported by some experts from the same field, making the radio more professional and entertaining. Radio Kerala will be a soothing listening experience to the students and the other listeners with its colourful variety and endless fun.

Another unique and important project that is associated with Radio Kerala is "SHABDA MARAM" or the tree of sounds. Chosen radio programmes will be played in the schools all across Kerala, through the sound system connected at a tree in the school campus. In future it is also expected to expand itself with the launching of a community radio. Apart from these, Kerala Media Academy is also planning to start an audio academy as well.